Mom Happy Hour

In the HBO documentary Risky Drinking, our segment called "Mom Happy Hour" inspired a podcast, inviting different guests each time (and some regulars) to do what we do best, and record it so you can eavesdrop! BTW this ain't no book club polite happy hour. Our conversation gets more interesting (and inappropriate) with every glass of wine. Topics will span from sex to men to momming to our friends' horrific Tinder dates. Stay tuned!

The girls with Peter (sound) and Wolfie (camera)

The girls with Peter (sound) and Wolfie (camera)

Women and Drinking - "Risky Drinking" documentary

Risky Drinking is an HBO doc released on December 19, 2017  that examines four different "subjects" and their relationship to alcohol, under the newly accepted view that there is no black and white - that alcohol use disorder, the new term, can span over a spectrum. Myself and four of my friends were filmed doing one of the parts of our lives where we unwind and get to let off steam with our girlfriends - Happy Hour. Our segment is appropriately called "mom happy hour." 

In this podcast, some women from the documentary - Carolyn, and Ceri as well as our friend Barbie and I get together to talk about our experience during filming, reactions to the film, how and why we drink, and how we keep it together. Or don't. We only used some of the nearly 2 hours, leaving out some of the more heavy stuff. We recognize the seriousness of the film, but don't discuss it all in detail. Here we keep it pretty light, mostly defending our right to Mom Happy Hour! Kinda like, moms gotta fight for their right to party.


Tinder Dates Gone Real Wrong

We invite some of our single friends who have experimented with Tinder dating (unfortunately for the most part). Their stories are horrific. And hilarious.


Let's Talk About Sex

This is totally normal. Ya'll don't think moms talk bout this kinda stuff but let me tell you, give everyone a couple glasses of chardonnay and it's no holds barred.