Thanks For Watching Risky Drinking on HBO!

Or if you didn't, here's the trailer. It will continue to be shown on HBO, HBO Now and HBO GO:

I had already screened it, but watched with close friends last night and got feedback from others - I will definitely say what people are taking away from it is whether they should take a closer or more serious look at their drinking. During the holidays it is about 10x harder, at least for me. Our families celebrate holidays with drink, our friends get together and drink, and it's next to impossible to *not.*. People gift me with wine, we have parties, we do have fun. We also feel like shit by January 1!  But, like I say in the doc, "it's not like we're gonna get together and play bingo." ... (laugh here).

If you watched/watch it, comment what you took away from it? And last but not least stay tuned for the podcast we are doing today with the ladies from the film and a couple others who were involved in the filming or watched it.