Supermoms Make Me Barf. What?

{From a couple summers back}

Let's just face it; I make it no secret that I'm no Supermom; after all, I cuss and I drink (I say that as if other adults don't). I don't always keep up with my turn for soccer snacks or when games are or parent-teacher conferences or dance recital protocol and I don't sign up to be homeroom mom any more (I did that - class parties are ridiculously lame). The mountains of papers that come home Every Friggin' Day I can hardly sift through. I realize it's picture day at the last minute or that there's a school assembly or field trips due to this fact. I don't slack on purpose; but I do manage to pull things off most of the time. Sometimes I think I disappoint the kids by not going to PTO meetings just because they got a sticker on their shirts about it but y'know what, they'll be okay. Better than okay. My mom never entered that school; she drove the car up and picked me up and she never was homeroom mom and I turned out okay. Kindof.

I try, but I'm just not out to impress. And honestly, when I see my fellow mothers flaunting their uber-mom and Stepdford-wifey skills on Instagram - crazy gourmet morning cupcakes on birthdays and fancy-ass school party snacks and intricate crafts they found on Pinterest and dressing their kids like they're in a Zulilly ad every day, I barf a little bit in my mouth. Call me jealous, call me what you want. But I do.

So now, it's summer. And guess what? I have no plan. Zilch. The fact is this is going to bite me in the ass because although I do contract work and set my own schedule, I do have to work outside the house. So I'm scrambling to set up pool dates and Grandma days and classes and not have to spend too much money doing it. I'm sitting here looking at this pile of crap on my kitchen counter top and can't even decide what to tackle first, and Beck wants me to come outside to watch him bike in the street, where the college kids haul-ass down the hill. To top all this off we're moving by the end of July and I'm supposed to be packing. So in addition to all this, I feel GUILT for not having a kickass activity to accompany and entertain the kids everyday. Last week, the first week of summer, I wrote off as kid week. We did a museum, fancy lunches, biking, swimming and the library.  I think that was pretty good but now, I've set a precedent and I realize I still have shit to do. A shitton of shit. They complain that they're BORED And I checked myself. I realized I was NEVER ever entertained back in the 70s and I walked my block and looked at rocks and made quick sand and mud pies for the mean girl on the block and played in the turtle pool because hardly anyone had an in-ground and drank from the water hose. I rode my bike repeatedly, no-hands, around and around that circle drive. My friends and I wrote our names in wet concrete. We were normal kids. We barely ever went on a family summer vacation. We invented the Staycation and just did what we did and summers seemed to last forever. It wasn't so bad. It was perfect, actually.

So I came across this awesome blog post on Facebook.. and it was perfect. Check it out, and stop feeling bad about not being Summer Supermom and realize that your kids, too will survive. I'll bet you had one of these childhoods too.

Superawesome job,!