Why did I start blogging anyway? In 2008 as a stay at home mom (SAHM!) to Things 1 and 2, I was feeling a bit out of touch. Some days I didn't even even shower or leave the house. The exciting days involved Target and the Library. I was writing some lame blog about organic toys and baby food and realized I wasn't really one of those. Sure I tried to keep it all healthy and I made baby food and stored it in ice trays but there was more to me than that. I needed like-minded people to cavort with over my only connection to the outside world, the interwebs, while I drank my Yellow Tail after the kids went to bed. And I found them. An entire lot of imperfect mommies like me with clever names. For a while it was fun and we supported each other the only way we could, with commenting. And then, Facebook happened and it kinda all ended right there.  But... I never gave up all the way and kept the rant and the food blog alive - being that I didn't entirely delete them. They looked like hell and I had like 25 followers, tops. So, this is the revival. 

A writer, mother and cooker,  I also take pleasure in un-apologetically admitting I am generally imperfect.

I decided to merge my mom-rant blog,  and my food blog, RhoRho's Bistro.  I love to eat, cook, drink wine, and write (aka: run my  mouth) so why not? I also love hot yoga, so I might soon be cooking in a 100 degree kitchen, drinking wine, doing downward dog, yelling profanities. 

Who knows?


Check out the documentary I'm featured in as a blogger/mom happy hour ringleader/friend: Risky Drinking on HBO. Here's the trailer:


Well-behaved women rarely make history (or, sense).